Chihuahua Puppies for sale Long-Haired Chih
Sales  Info: Schroeder TinyToys/Donna Schroeder
Schroeder TinyToys   prefers the puppy be picked up in person, 

 A $250 NON-Refundable deposit is required/all money paid toward the purchase is NON-REFUNDABLE , Check,  Postal Moneyorder-or Paypal electronic transfer- to hold a specific puppy until it reaches the age to leave. 
 IF THE PUPPY IS NOT PAID FOR 1wks befor leaving.. WE
EXTENDED PERIODS/ THEY NEED TO BE WITH YOU TO BOND & SPOIL.              )   The deposit does go toward the purchase price.
Final Payment cash or moneyorder(no checks or any kind) in full is expected a week befor being picked up. The Breeder will copy This as a Bill of Sale/guarantee  to be kept with your  dogs records. If using paypal for final payment add 3% to cover their service fee.
                                                       limited Health Guarantee
Schroeder Tiny Toys Certifies that this puppy has been examined by a licensed Veterinarian and is in good  health.  The health certificate will be given to the purchaser and a shot record showing what vaccines and dewormings were administered to the puppy. The puppy therefore will have received the proper vaccinations for his age. We no longer let pups go befor they are 12wks of age, if tinytinys that will be under 3lbs adults cannot leave befor 16wks or longer depending on how well they are eating dry food. 
 Schroeder TinyToys  guarantees the puppy against the following infections for a period of 10days-(PARVO , DISTEMPEPER, RABIES) no other infectious diseases or viruses are covered under this Replacement guarantee and the purchaser accepts this agreement. .Schroeder TinyToys  is not responsible for the associated charges, such as veternarian fees, or mental stress... or Low blood sugar / Hypoglycemia. 
 Loose stools or coccidia can be caused by stress and can develope within hours into transport. and has nothing to do with bad or good breeding. We recommend that a stool sample be analysed within 72hrs of the puppy arriving to his new home.
Schroeder TinyToys highly recommends that the purchaser seek the services of a VET that is knowledgeable about this tiny breed in order at avoid any serious problems.
This guarantee/ replacement/ does not cover ALLERGIES that the purchaser or his family members may develope to the dog .

Show prospect does not mean it will WIN/FINISH in the Show Ring, there are a lot of variables( when this dog is shown/handled/training/care/diet/socializing ect) that are important that are not in our control once it leaves our home 
  Puppies can change their overall looks from 12wks to 8mo,  we can only judge them at the time of sale.

This  DOES NOT COVER the following Minor flaws or any condition that is minor and those that can be corrected by Veterinarian intervention.
OPEN FRONTANEL also know as a Molera (A soft spot on top of the head),This spot may or may not grow completely closed in the chihuahua. It is not a genetic defect but a unique feature of the chihuahua. 
Schroeder TinyToys cannot guarantee sizes as adults, we give estimated guesses, the size/weight chart posted on some websites are not always correct ... Some chihuahuas puppies can just stop growing and others get larger then expected.
Trachea: Small breeds do sometimes develop a peculiar cough, This is due to the collapse of tracheal rings, it can be annoying to the owner of the dog, but is not life threatning  to the dog. 
Hernias (of any kind)
Testicals (not descending)
Patella Luxation, In the event that the puppy developes this condition,too short or too long ligaments in the paw,feet, or leg area, the breeder will not be held accountalbale and the purchaser takes full responsibiltiy if such a case should arise to have the puppy treated at his own expense.

**To Qualify for THIS Guarantee below, you must have your puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian of your choice within 72hrs of the date of purchase.
The puppy needs to receive a micro-chip for identification purposes.
*Should the puppy be diagnosed within 6months of any congenital/hereditary disorder which is  considered by two unassociated Veterinarians, one being our Vet  if at all possible, to seriously impact the quality of life, short of Euthanasia, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppy's life we will provide the buyer with these options:
         A. Should the buyer choose to keep the puppy and accept partial refund,  
with receipt of proof of spay/neuter & return of AKC papers, refund 50% of purchase price .
         B. Should the buyer choose to giveup ownership of the puppy to us,or it is Euthanized. The breeder, will replace the puppy within 12-24mo in order
to have another puppy available to the purchaser, and the purchaser accepts this condition.  Show prospects will be replaced with equal value/ No Refunds.

AKC paper must be signed back to us.
Size, Color, and temperment of puppy cannot be guaranteed
the parties agree that it is alright that the prefix "SCHROEDER" will be added to the beginning of the dogs AKC name.
*AKC full Registration Rights Litter paper will be supplied or a copy of the litter application will  go with the puppy unless otherwise stated on a Pet puppy with Limited Reg  . AKC paper if Pending We GUARANTEE papers will be sent within 90 days
This Chihuahua is sold with the understanding that the Chihuahua will live INDOORS, be socialized properly, and become a member of the family.
This Chihuahua is not to be placed in a animal shelter of any kind but returned to the seller at no cost to the seller with all reg..papers and Vet records, if you cannot keep it or find it a good loving home.
After you read and understand and accept all aspects of this guarantee agreement, the purchaser has agreed to the above terms FILL IN THE BLANKS.

NAME OF           ___________________________________________
    address          ___________________________________________

PUP INFO:  Sex_________  Color______________DOB___________


Please PRINT, SIGN and mail it with your deposit so the breeder will know it has been read and agreed to.
IF there is a dispute it will have to brought to Christian County in MO.

We are inspected by the State and AKC
Yearly and Show/Hobby Breeder licensed... 
we do not sell to petstores or brokers.... our puppies go to forever homes to be loved/ spoiled.
We have show quality puppies or a pet if they don't make it as a showdog....
be sure you want the one you put a deposit on as they do live long lives/ 15yrs if loved and cared for...
Thank You for you interest..

               Vet Reference
         Dr. Ken Mallard DVM
        Reproductive Specialist
         Strafford Vet Clinic